Welcome to Dr. Dale Seiden's Navi-Gator book launch!

Dr. Dale Seiden

Dr. Dale SeidenDr. Dale Seiden is a New York Educational Learning Specialist who, for over 23 years, has been meeting the Academic, Social and Emotional needs of children with different learning challenges. In her private practice on the Upper East Side, Dr. Seiden’s foremost goal is to help children meet their learning potential and overcome challenges that systemically prevent optimal achievement both in and out of the classroom. Children ages 2-14 work with Dr. Seiden one or two times a week for individualized, 1:1 learning support throughout the school year and July. Children are consistently admitted into the practice throughout the year—any time is the right time to call.

Dr. Seiden has a Doctorate in Education and is dually licensed in Special Education and Art Education. Her area of professional expertise include learning disabilities, language difficulties, auditory processing weaknesses, reading and writing disorders, sensory-based challenges, problems with attention and focus, executive functions, emotional and social issues, and autistic-like spectrum disorders that so often challenge friendships and social relationships. In addition, she is a functioning, practicing artist and painter who has both exhibited and sold her paintings and multi-media drawings.

Just published in September 2012, The Navi-Gator, a book by Dr. Dale Seiden and co-author Dr. Donna Geffner, teaches parents of young children how to do an easy, doable Picture-Mapping technique that has been shown to successfully and quickly alter behaviors that parents want changed! Click on the Navi-Gator logo on the top of this page to order the picture book and if you like, an adorable stuffed Gator doll for your child to hug!

As a trained fine and visual artist, as well, Dr. Seiden’s private practice protocol is to immerse children into an arts-based program—doing very highly structured and organized projects in painting, mosaics, pottery, sculpture, collage, building mobiles using the finest quality arts materials and multi-media.  In addition, games, stories, creative arts software, reading and illustrations using multi-media from oil crayons to pastels, ink to gels are used everyday in her practice. Every segment of project work is highly structured and organized within an artistic, creative, paradigm with gravitas.

The kids each have so much fun as they build their projects and systemically learn how to listen, think, plan, implement, and ultimately learn well. Every session is designed specifically for the needs of the individual child, and is taught to them using their strengths and building on their weaknesses depending on their specific learning style. Dr. Seiden strives to empower young learners to be independent and prideful of themselves and their own ability while clearly meeting their personal potential—and having joyful learners in the process.

Collage of children's art