You can call Dr. Seiden if you think your child
might have issues with any of the following:
  • If your child is struggling and not meeting his or her potential in school
  • If your child is being challenged in one of more subject content areas in school, like learning math operations or writing skills
  • If your child has problems with organization, structure, and motor planning
  • If your child takes inordinate amounts of time to get something done
  • If your child does not answer when spoken to
  • If you child has or had developmental delays or lags over time
  • If you see that your child struggles with:
    • Attention
    • Memory
    • Impulsivity or distractibility
    • Executive functions
    • Processing language or understanding directives
    • Listening skills
    • Comprehension
    • Expressive or Receptive language problems
    • Visual perception
    • Motor planning
    • Fine or gross motor skills
    • Maintaining and holding eye contact
    • Sensory issues like irritable responses to textures, materials, foods
    • Making friends or interacting with peers in group
    • Emotional meltdowns that are difficult to stop
    • Anxiety and/or irritability
    • Emotional lability, is out of control, or needy


Consultation with Dr. Seiden begins with:
  • An in-take with parent(s) about the child without the child present is comprised of a full review of prior evaluations, test results, school reports, medical reports, and parental observations;
  • A four session Diagnostic Pilot for the child which includes a multitude of diverse cognitive and arts-based activities in each session that results in a qualitative, observational, clinical diagnosis;
  • A Parent Review Conference within a week after the Dx pilot is completed which is a “feedback” session scheduled to review each activity and results of same; generally 35-40 pages of proprietary chart notes and many photographs will be included in this review to help illustrate your child’s strengths and challenges and to further discuss therapeutic remediation. A very comprehensive meeting, this is a time in which the discussion about continued therapy and/or referral to other specialists is determined. Continued therapy, if agreed upon, will be scheduled either once or twice a week for your child.

On-going therapy is punctuated by consistent and directed communication between parents, often with teachers and school personnel/administration, and other professional colleagues working together as a team of support.

Dr. Seiden does not accept Insurance directly. However, Dr. Seiden supplies a written Tuition and Schedule bill that is mailed to parents of every child at the END of each month prior to the first of the next. All days, times, and fees are itemized on the Tuition Schedule, and any closings or changes in schedule are noted. These systemic bills can be submitted to your Insurance Company directly by you. Fees are consistent for all new patients.

Appointments must be scheduled by phone.